Corrado Della Luna

" in blues musicians are lifetime buddies, one of the most dynamic drummers that I have played with, we met back in the mid- nineties during a small tour in Sicily and have continued playing ever together ever since, he has a great touch, sensitivity and sound, has contributed immensely in the recording of Stories, from the recording and structure of the songs to the mixing as well....."           J.R.L

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   The Blues Boys

                       Dario Iovino

"blues jazz bass player Dario is anexcellent and innovative musician not only because he is an exceptional bass player but he is a connoisseur of good music. He has a warm and punchy sound, very dynamic and plays with true feeling, now a part of the Blues Boys, trio that plays with me on gigs and concert and well as in the recording studio, a fundamental part of the Johnny Rae Lee sound.                J.R.L